"I went for an acupuncture treatment to see if I could get some relief for my chronic low back pain. I was not sure about needles and was nervous, Martin, the Acupuncturist made me feel very comfortable and they were painless!!!! After four treatments, I noticed that the pain was almost gone."
H.W., San Jose
"A few months ago, I was horseback riding in the Santa Cruz mountains, and sprained my ankle while I was getting off my horse.  I live in San Jose, but never tried acupuncture. I heard that it is a great way to help your body to heal.  I went a head and gave it a try and now I want to let people know how much it helped.  My swollen, bruised ankle actually healed very quickly, a few weeks and it was completely better, in the past it took so much longer for my sprain to get better.  I also felt more energy and in a better mood throughout the acupuncture sessions.  I recommend it to anyone who wants to recover or just relax and de-stress."
C.F., Campbell
"For the past 5 years I have been working in the computer industry, and have had so much neck, shoulder and back pain, it was unbearable, taking too many  pain medications were hurting my stomach and I was even thinking about changing my career.  I met Martin and he told me about acupuncture.  He was very friendly and explained how it blocked the sensation of pain, and also helped the spasms to stop, blood and oxygen circulation to increase, and muscles to relax and heal .  I gave it a try and ever since then, my life has changed, I feel much better. Occasionally the tension comes back, but I will get a few acupuncture treatments, and it brings me back to being out of pain.   I even think more clearly at work after I get treatments." 
T.K.,San Jose